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Pinak is master producer of Polypropylene Bags, by the aim of high quality and taking modern technology.

Company information:
From weaving bands to producing FIBC with UN Mark.

Quick development of Pinak Co. from 1991 made it one of the biggest producer of PP fabrics, bags , threads &PE film up  to three layers & FIBCs


PP Bags

2,500,000 Pcs/year



PE Film


Tape  & Thread



As quality has been Pinak's highest priority, we always tried to produce our complementary products independently. Striving towards full customer satisfaction we pay attention not only to quality, service & cost effectiveness but also specific customer requirements.
Now Pinak has one of the most technologic extrusion, weaving, printing, laminating machinery & is one of the biggest exporter of PP, PE bags, multifilament &FIBC, heavy fabrics with or without coating from IRAN.

Vision & Mission
By the aim of customer reliability, Pinak Co guarantees its services. Pinak is interested to extend a long term mutually beneficial relations with our customer. In this business our long history is a certain evidence for the value of our reliability.
Pinak's aim is producing high quality packaging production & services in order to satisfying its customer needs & having a nattural environment.
Production process
This process is fully integrated in Pinak factory, from high grade polypropylene resin to finished product. Production cycles are automated & computer controlled. Extruders loom, coating lines and complementary lines are working according to latest standards.

By applying vertical integrated production process, during the first phase of production, the poly ethylene raw material processed to PP tapes with high standard Extrusion machineries. In the second Phase tapes are converted to high quality fabrics, which are coated or laminated according to customer needs & then converted to the end products , because of the variety of sizes designs & options possible for the  final product. We are able to supply all technical requirements of our customers. Pinak is able to provide the best services & products to customers by the possibility of 42000 ton/year production & by 500 staffs.
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