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Quality Control

Quality Control : collection of physical activities , looking and testing with the aim of assuring the quality of products(quality assurance) .
Quality Assurance : Is a system that  by issuing documents, assures  , product ,is  under the control  correctly &couninusly  . it stablishes  a suitable system on the production process from the control of raw material up to finished products an even the services after sale.
Aims & process of control :
- finding problems.
- limiting the problems
- studying the causes & factores of  the problems

- correction of proposed reasons for problems.
- preventing the problems that increases due to hurring , deleting , inattention

- effect of qulity control process.
Laboratory and testing instruments
Generally all testing process are made of testing machinery are to ASTM,ISO & DIN EN 1898.
Type of Test: 
               -Elongation test
               - Breaking test
               - Impact test
               - UV resistance test
               - Coating performance test
               - Cyclic Top lift & load to failure test
               - Tear test
               - Topple test
               - Drop test
               - Stacking test
               - Fabric test
               - Friction test
               - MFI test
               -Heat sealing Test
               - Shrink test
Testing machinary :
Tensil Test:
Universal, the largest mnufacturing of tensile testing device . It is used For elongation test of tape , Multi Fillament thread , Polyethylene Film, tear resistance  of PP fabrics.
Impact test
For testing the tear resistance of PE Film & PP Fabric . It is very important test in controlling the production process of 3Layers and  Mono Layer PE film. With this test Aproxamtelly  , the resistance of the bags can be estimated inorder the safty facter during the transportation be considered.
Friction Test :
For estimating degree of friction between 2 surfaces of PE Film . When PE bags are stocked On each other sould  have suitable limite of Friction inorder dont move freely or loosly ordont sticke to geather.
MFI Test :
For Estimating the Melt flow index of raw material and compearing it with the Data sheet of material.
UV  test:
Ultar violet of sun radialtion erroded the PP OR PE bags /fabribs , By adding the sufficent UV Stabilizer we can improve the life of the bags/film  & fabrics ,
Density ,
Measuring the gravity of the material .
FIBC Testing :

Fished FIBC are tested For Cyclic Top lift & load to failure test. Can we estimate that how much& how long  a bag can tollerate the pressure & load , by this test we assure our custmers  .
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